People are very capable of suffering…

People are very capable of suffering…

…and can adapt when necessary…

Yesterday I spoke again with my colleague Adriana Cruz from our kyona Office Costa Rica about her new project assignment.
After our joint work in program management of an SAP S/4 HANA-triggered restructuring at a global automotive supplier, she is now supporting an American food company of similar size as project manager in the SAP rollout.

At eNJOY, she was used to always working together on solutions in small teams on a well-structured, global Atlassian Jira collaboration platform through agile, topic-related collaboration and not having to constantly search for information.
She was used to living agile values ​​such as transparency, openness and constructive solution orientation. The agile program environment made this type of productive collaboration possible for her and the entire team.

Now she is back in a traditional, Microsoft-supported work environment with emails, sharepoints, MS teams group chats and, above all, Excel-based planning. Lots of isolated solutions. Back to where she came from before kyona.
And I see how she suffers… It almost hurts me when she talks about her current challenges in this new project.
But Adriana is tough, otherwise she probably wouldn’t be with us. It will also make a constructive and positive contribution in these traditional work structures with conventional, personal communication that can hardly be digitized.
I’m very sure of that.
And maybe the American colleagues will become curious when Adriana talks about her experiences with agile teamwork on integrated collaboration platforms for complex SAP S/4 HANA projects and take a look.
I wish it for her from the bottom of my heart 🙂

About the Author:

Rainer Borg
After 10 years of consulting and development work in a large auditing and management consultancy and as the CEO of a start-up, Rainer Borg dedicated himself entirely to the topic of Scaled Agile Collaboration in organisational and product development.

With profound competence in Scaled Agile Enterprise architectures, he dimensioned agility from the individual team to the entire group of companies.

His passion is to accompany companies in their change, to initiate structures that enable the management to manage the complexity of change initiatives and to master and control it. On the other hand, to enable employees to get involved and actively shape the company.