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Agile business excellence with our proven approach in just a few months

Successfully managing complex initiatives - with our approach, agile methods & tools

Company wide software implementations like SAP S/4HANA, any CRM or MES software are very complex and present companies with major challenges. We have developed an approach that helps you to bring agile ways of working to your project in the shortest possible time - and in a sustainable way. In addition we offer a highly integrated and platform-based project management, that provides transparency and steerability. This is how for example your SAP S/4HANA implementation becomes a success!

We speak from experience

After successful SAP S/4Hana and other enterprise software implementations, we know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them.

Proven approach

With our approach we bring agile working methods to your project. This makes even highly complex initiatives easy to manage and you will see the first benefits in only a matter of months.

We empower teams

Our coaches promote the development of agile know-how in your organisation. We empower your teams and make them self-organised. This is what makes us different from others.

Agile principles

Together we establish agile principles of collaboration and thus achieve sustainable speed, quality, productivity & commitment in your project.

An ideal working environment

With our approach, methods and tools we provide you with the ideal working environment for your transformation.

Secured governance

Governance provides you with the necessary overview and clarity that is appropriate for complex initiatives of any kind.


Our approach to agile excellence

In just a few months to agile business excellence, with our proven approach.
The innovative kyona methods and tools for scaled agility accelerate the transformation to an agile organisation and generate the necessary momentum.


Phase 1 - Insight (approx. 3-5 weeks)

In interactive workshops you learn about the importance and potential of agile working. Together you develop the vision of your agile organisation: The leading coalition is established.


Phase 2 - Architecture (approx. 3-5 weeks)

Together with our agile coaches, you refine the architecture for your future organisation. Your initiative gains momentum, the core team is expanded with experts and the model of your target organisation is defined.


Phase 3 - Pilot (approx. 6-10 weeks)

Mobilising your team with workshops is critical for the pilot phase. You apply the developed architecture and give the starting signal for the pilot team.


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