Share+ Chat

Chat and share with extra features!

Save time by sharing messages with users or groups and instantly saving them in the comment stream, if you like.

What your biggest benefits are

  • Change between views of your chats – by topic or by user
  • SharePlus button will be put on the left side of the existing Jira share button on the issue detail view page
  • If standard Jira share button is disabled by your admin, the SharePlus button can be used as a replacement of the Jira share button
  • supports rich text editor (wiki renderer) and sends formatted notifications with last comment from issue included
Jira Software
Jira Software

Store rtf messages with one click as a comment

Format, share and store your message instantly as a comment. There is no need to copy your notification and paste it as a comment, any more. This is optional for each message. Private messaging is still possible.

Track with whom you have shared your messages

Never forget with whom you shared a message and find it again in the comment stream. It will be indicated with small envelope icon and recipient list in the comment entry of the issue.

Share personal messages with groups

Notify all members of a team (e.g. developers, steering committee etc.) by easily sharing your messages with defined groups in Jira.

If you like the idea of the SharePlus Chat App

Let’s take the next step together. Perhaps you have specific questions that we can best clarify in an individual demonstration.


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