Revolutionize your enterprise: Enable Digital Collaboration before digitalizing your business

Revolutionize your enterprise: Enable Digital Collaboration before digitalizing your business

Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the digitization of your business indeed. But is more than just an IT system modification; it is a transformational journey that requires a holistic approach. Despite of this, many stakeholders of an ERP implementation still consider it as an IT project and are more likely to fail. For success, companies must adopt an approach that encompasses cultural, social, and organizational change within the company, streamlining business processes from the customer’s perspective and digitizing what makes sense.

For a successful ERP implementation, management must have a clear target image, align the implementation with the company’s strategy and objectives, and work closely with software manufacturers and implementation partners. Continuous reflection and improvement are also necessary for success. An ERP implementation is an ongoing process of transformation that needs a long-term approach and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Before the SAP system can be successfully implemented, it is critical to first digitize the team that will drive the transformation.

By embracing a digital environment the team must streamline communication, improve transparency, generate daily results, and deliver accurate up-to-date reports. This also allows the team to conduct efficient meetings and better control their daily work, making it faster and more effective. Digitizing the team itself will help you to standardize communication, improve collaboration, and boost productivity throughout the business transformation, using SAP as a catalyst. 

kyona has the experience and the expertise to assist businesses in creating a digital working environment for their teams. This involves the possibility of providing the team with a ready-to-start Jira collaboration environment to ensure that the SAP system implementation is secure for the entire organization.

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