MyToDo Board

Manage your to-do's on an individual notepad directly in Jira!

Configure your private notebook with columns, rows and groupings directly in Jira. Search, sort, mark and group your tasks. Create and tick off your own private to-do lists and reminders.

What your biggest benefits are

  • Provides individual context and content in collaboration
  • Todo features, such as set up of specific grouping, status, flags and notes
  • Supports rich text editor (Wiki renderer) on all boards
  • Highlighting of issues, colors for clusters
  • Easy to use, because we followed Jira standard whereever we could
MyToDo Board for Jira

Create your personal to do board

Create and set up your notebook panel with up to 3 columns with coloured headlines and clusters. Search, select, sort and group issues in clusters. Create your own private to do list for your issues and tick them off, when done.

Get a preview of your issues

This helps you to focus! Keep an eye on what you think is important yourself, not what others think. Capture your own notes directly on your MyToDo board. Your notes are not visible to others.

Get your 'todo status' on each issue

Change your perspective and see, if an issue is already on your MyToDo board. Assign an issue directly from its detail view to your MyToDos. Jump from the detail issue view directly to the issue on your MyToDo board.

If you like the idea of the MyToDo App

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