Alignment Meetings for Jira (r)

Efficient meetings with the Jira Meeting App !

Why not conducting meetings directly in Jira ?
Prepare, conduct and follow up efficient meetings in Jira.

What are your biggest benefits ?

  • Fix the lack of alignment in collaboration
  • Structured meetings on a platform
  • Track efficiency, attendance and performance of meetings accordingly
  • Moreover, automatically created meeting minutes with just one click
Alignment Meeting Board
Create Alignment Meeting

Create your board for meetings

Create your alignment meeting board for Jira and search tasks by project, status or other criteria for your agenda. Sort and group the tasks, schedule breaks and times per task. Finally, create the minutes of the meeting at the touch of a button.

Get a list of scheduled meetings

List all of your meetings, filtered and sorted by title, status, date or organiser. A preview window shows you the topics, duration and participants for each meeting. You get an overview of the meetings you are expected to attend or that have already been held.

Alignment Meeting Picker
Alignment Meeting History

Get the meeting history of a task

Capture meeting notes directly in the respective process on the topic – don’t worry, all comments are collected in an automatically created meeting log. Find the right alignment meeting board for a topic, where the right people meet.

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